What is Swearing? Edit

"Swearing" is saying words innacceptable by most people. It is, for example, the worse word for feces or for some specific inside organs of men and women.

What happens to one who swears? Edit

If swearing is noticed on any page, on chat or in a blog (outside quotes), its adder will be warned. After 3 warnings, the person is banned for a month. The next time that person swears, it is banned for 6 months. The next time, the person is banned permamently and unchangably on this wiki.

Any exceptions? Edit

Exceptions may be made if the person had permission to swear granted by one of the beaurocrats or admins. Chat mods can also grant such permission, but Rollbacks can't.

Table explaining the penalties
1 swear warning
2 swears 2nd warning
3 swears 3rd warning
4 swears 1 month ban
5 swears 6 months ban
6 swears Infinite Ban